Increase your confidence in recognising successful tracheal tube placement

In order to confidently verbalise an endotracheal tube passing into the trachea, or possibly entering the oesophagus, you need to have an understanding of the anatomical structures of the glottis and it's surrounding areas.

This comprehensive course of study aims to do just that, by presenting the key recommendations on safer airway management and the role the Airway Assistant has within this process.

Following the course you will be more confident in identifying the anatomy of the glottis and surrounding areas. This will enable you to confidently verbalise successful intubation of the trachea alongside the intubating practitioner, by visualising the anatomy at laryngoscopy and also being aware of the 4 points of confirmation when using waveform capnography.

About the author

The course was developed by Jamie Macpherson, the Founder and Lead Clinical Educator at Resus Tree Ltd.

Jamie is a HCPC registered Operating Department Practitioner and Resuscitation Officer, with Post Graduate qualifications in Medical Education, with vast clinical experience within the resuscitation, trauma and anaesthesia environment, within both military and civilian Healthcare.

An experienced and passionate Educator and University Senior Lecturer, Jamie has extensive experience at developing curriculum, as well as delivering academic and Clinical Education to all levels and disciplines of Healthcare professions.

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